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Airport Taxi Services: What You Need to Know

Hiring a taxi at the airport can be a convenient way to get to your final destination after a flight. Airport taxis offer door-to-door service directly from the airport terminal to your hotel, home, or business. Here, you will get all the details about airport taxi service like how to book airport taxi service and from where and how to get it.

So, let’s start with learning the booking process.

Booking Your Airport Taxi

Please check the booking process of airport taxi.

Advance Reservations: Many taxi companies allow you to book your airport pickup in advance. This guarantees you’ll have a taxi waiting when your flight arrives. Book your taxi online or call the taxi company. You just need to provide your flight details so they know when to dispatch a car.

On-Site: If you are unable to book a cab online then you can also book your cab visiting the office. There you can negotiation about your fare. This is one of the best option for those who prefer traditional way.

Ridesharing Apps: You can also request an airport pickup from a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft.

Price: Expect to pay a higher fare for airport taxi service compared to a standard taxi ride in the city. Airport taxis usually have an additional flat rate or surcharge added. But if you don’t need it then you can also book your own cab online and save your extra money. To book an affordable and cheap cab, you can book Desire Cab Service.

Best Airport Taxi Service In Dehradun

If you are in Dehradun and looking for the best taxi service for Airport then you can choose Desire Cab Service. To book an affordable cab service, call now +91-805-700-7726.

Tips To Check During Booking

Please check the best tips to check during booking.

– Provide full destination details to your driver upfront, including airline, terminal, and address.

– Extra fees may apply for additional stops or baggage. Discuss any fees with your driver before departing.

– Tip your driver 15-20% at the end of the trip for good service. Tipping is not required but customary.


I hope now you have a very well understanding about the airport cab service. To book an cab or any enquiry, you can contact us any time.

Airport taxis offer an easy way to commute after landing. With advance reservations and knowledge of taxi procedures, you can ensure a smooth ride from the airport to your end point.

FAQs About Airport Taxis

Here, we give some frequently asked questions that are helpful to you. It provides you the best answer to your questions.

Question: How do I find the taxi stand at the airport?

Answer: Follow signs for Ground Transportation. Taxi stands are usually located just outside the baggage claim area.

Question: Can I make special requests for taxis, like car seats?

Answer: Yes, you can make special requests for taxis like car seats during the booking your cab. Desire Cab Service provides you best deals and offers that make it best and popular cab service in Dehradun.

Question: Is it better to take a taxi or an airport shuttle?

Answer: Taxis provide door-to-door service directly to your destination, while shuttles make stops at other hotels first. Choose a taxi for convenience and faster service.

Question: Do taxis accept credit cards or do I need cash?

Answer: Most airport taxis now accept major credit cards, though some may still be cash only. Desire cab accept online and offline both as payment mode.

Question: Do taxis charge for luggage or tolls?

Answer: Passengers typically are not charged for standard luggage quantities. However, excess or overweight bags may carry fees.

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